Posted by Agnes Iley , Saturday, February 12, 2011 9:47 PM

Stage 2

Moving on

I didn’t really mean to grind to a halt, but actually got totally side tracked by a “small” project that started niggling while I was reading through the chapters of this assignment. But more about that later.
Today I decided it was time to take out the glue and my sketchbooks and see what I can stick together.
My first sample was after a rather graphical drawing of various squares, which I made when I was doing the “moving space” exercises.

Now I figured that just copying the drawing wouldn’t result in a very surprising effect. But when I went through my stash I found these black and white patterned fabrics.  And I think the result is rather interesting. Not exactly a masterpiece on its own, but I can see how the harsh lines of the drawing are softened by the circular pattern of the fabric.
This could be a useful effect when I want a mellower feel. Or maybe to soften a design towards the edges.

Next a drawing with lines and a circle.
If I was using this design for anything I would lay the contrasting fabric behind the black base and have narrower lines. Now it reminds me of a navy uniforms sleeve with an awkward button.

The second and third samples on this page are after a drawing of hooks.  I live in a small village that is surrounded by the Rotterdam harbor. So every day when I drive to work I see the huge cranes with big chains dangling down.  I did a few small sketches inspired by that and this is one of them.
I made this little sample both in cotton and silver lame on a black background.
Next up a variation of fabrics, sheer cheesecloth type fabric, purple net and solid cotton are bonded together with some wonder under. This is also after a sketch I made earlier.
Not very interesting as it is now, but it has given me an idea for an “open” worked piece with water-soluble fabric.

Finally my last glued pieced and I must say I started to enjoy myself a little more when I got to this stage. I particularly like the cut out lines in the bottom sample. Looking at the picture it’s got the feel of a lino cutting.
But it’s actually a piece of fabric that is cut up and reassembled with a little bit of space between the pieces.