Assignment 6 – Design project

Posted by Agnes Iley , Monday, July 23, 2012 8:17 AM


When I thought about my design project when I started my theme book I knew what my inspiration would be. I collect pictures, on my computer I have a big folder of pictures, some I have taken myself, some are collected from the internet, some are postcards from museums, but all captured my eye at some point. In this folder there is also this picture:


Weeping Willow VII – Claude Monet

This picture I saved a long time ago and every time I looked at it I thought “I need to do something with that”. But I never knew what. I love the picture, but it always felt a little intimidating, difficult to grasp, to break down and turn into a useful source of inspiration. So I thought it would be a good test for me to see what I had learned during the course and how I could use the techniques when I ventured out on my own. Another thing I wanted to show for my final assignment is another side of my work, soft sculpture. I think my love for textural and 3 dimensional pieces must have shone through here and there in my work so far. But I thought maybe it was time to really push the boat out.

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