Where to start?

Posted by Agnes Iley , Monday, July 23, 2012 8:19 AM

imageJust because I had decided on my theme, didn’t make this picture less intimidating. So where to start? Going over my past coursework I decided to break it down in simple steps. I started with a colour analyzing exercise. With threads I tried to match the colours in the picture. Which was very helpful it didn’t only give me a palette, it also broke down the picture into something tangible. I am not sure if I am making sense here but the abstract and subjective feel of the picture, turned into reality and became objective. The next step was to decide what kind of soft sculpture I wanted to make. I should say here that I love Weeping Willows. The draping branches that gently rustle in the wind or get swept into frenzy by an autumn storm. But also the mythical properties of a Weeping Willow. Just the name alone is enough inspiration for some wonderful stories. With all this in my mind I decided to make a figure where the human form would morph with the tree.

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