Posted by Agnes Iley , Monday, July 23, 2012 8:29 AM

Now my base was done it was time to make some decisions on tree-i-fying my Willow. imageWhilst making the cords I had been thinking about this. I thought about making hundreds of tiny willow leaves that would hang of individual threads. I was thinking about making the leaves out of light see-trough voile and stitch the outer shape and spines. I even considered digitizing this as an embroidery pattern, so I didn’t have to stitch every tiny leave by hand. But looking at my figure I questioned if it would be too much, too literal and would make the whole figure feel too heavy just by the sheer volume of leaves. So I did a little test run with some leaves cut from paper. And yes it was too much! In the end I decided I needed to keep it simple and instead of branches full off leaves, my sweeping branches are represented by some of the same threads that I used to create the bark. I did threat the threads with a matt polymer varnish to stop them from tangling or knotting.

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